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Lip Tips


Liptionary is committed to providing information that can help improve the value of the products we offer. See step by step guide below of our Lip Tips on how to properly utilize our products when caring for your lips.


Lip Treatment Steps: (We recommend using lip mask/ lip scrub once per week to avoid irritating any sensitive skin)


Night Time:

  1. Use Lip Mask on clean lips in its purest form free of all oils/skin products. Place lip mask as an overlay on your lips for 5-7 minutes while lying down for best results. Then remove mask and begin next step. 


  1. Apply Lip Scrub to your lips gently with a lip applicator or with clean hands. Then massage onto the lips and around the mouth to exfoliate dead skin, chapped lips and rejuvenate fresh skin cells for 2-3minutes. (This should be done over the sink to avoid product spill) Then rinse lips thoroughly with warm water to experience instant soft and smooth lips. 


  1. Apply Lip Treatment w/Vitamin C or E as a lip moisturizer to keep the skin conditioned overnight. 



  1. Be sure to apply the Lip Treatment w/Vitamin C or E daily as a routine upkeep. 


  1. After following the lip treatment steps to more Lip Confidence. You’ll begin to experience more lustrous lips when indulging in our lip beauty products. 


  1. Resume daily usage of all lip beauty products such as; lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner and or lip treatment vitamin C & E products of your choice as you may wish. 


Please Note: Although all of our products are vegan, if any skin allergies or irritation to the products, please avoid usage.


Yours Beauty,